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CFapi Issue: Railo incompatibility

Name: Railo incompatibility
ID: 1
Project: CFapi
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Luiz Milfont
Created: 10/16/15 12:16 PM
Updated: 10/16/15 12:16 PM
Description: First version of CFapi (1.0.0) does not run on Railo. That is because it uses cftextarea tag that Railo does not recognize. Also, Coldfusion allows to get datasources available, freely. Railo doesn´t, for security reasons. So I changed to a simple input text field, and now instead of selecting the datasource from a select-box, you have to type the datasource name. I had other problems with cfcajaxproxy that had to be changed a little bit and also with cfinput bind attribute that had to be replaced by html divs. Creation of SOAP webServices had to be changed to "RPC" format instead of "DOCUMENT", because Railo does not accept it. So, from version 1.0.1 CFapi *IS* Railo compatible.
History: Created by milfont (Luiz Milfont) : 10/16/15 12:16 PM

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