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CFapi Issue: Android App should be separate project or optional

Name: Android App should be separate project or optional
ID: 4
Project: CFapi
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Chris Dawes
Created: 11/01/15 12:17 PM
Updated: 11/10/15 10:50 AM
Description: Firstly, nice work so far (up to this release).

An API should never have a client implementation baked in.

I suggest you break the Android app generation into a separate riaforge item as 90%+ of people using this project probably will not use it.

This project was heading in the right direction until that happened. Most devs would use Hybrid mobile rather than native app anyway.

Otherwise perhaps I'll need to fork the project to keep the 'cfapi' an api.
History: Created by dawesi (Chris Dawes) : 11/01/15 12:17 PM

Comment by milfont (Luiz Milfont) : 11/01/15 3:09 PM
Chris, thanks a lot for your comments! When I thought about including a dynamic app implementation it was after a friendĀ“s suggestion. But I would not mind to separate in two different projects. I just have to know if other people who have downloaded it think this way too, as the main purpose is too benefit all. But I think your argument makes sense. I am analysing your suggestion carfully. Please, tell me more about your point of view. The most recent publications I have read shows that native development is becoming a trend, rather than hybrid or html5 development. What do you think?

Comment by milfont (Luiz Milfont) : 11/01/15 3:12 PM
Last but not least, the dynamic Android APP generation *IS* optional. If you do not check that option on CFapi main page, the APP will not be generated. Do you think that is enough? Or it should not generate an app at all?

Comment by milfont (Luiz Milfont) : 11/01/15 5:15 PM
I believe in joining forces. What if we also make CFapi to optionally deliver a Hybrid (or HTML5) client too? If the answer is yes, can you code that part and we launch v1.0.8? It would have to be a HTML5 page with Google Maps API (or OpenStreet, or any other) showing icons from positions obtained by a CFapi generated API.

Updated by milfont (Luiz Milfont) : 11/10/15 10:50 AM
I decided to keep the project as it is. This project has many features already chosen, yet to be implemented and the dynamic Android native client generation is part of the whole solution. Please, be patient as the project evolves. Some features will make more sense in the future.

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